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lunes, 16 de julio de 2007

CORPSE CARVING - Songs Of Splits (Compilation)

Hacked, Split Then Quartered:
1.Disgorging a Mess of Human Flesh
2.Served with Maggots
3.Umbilical Strangulated Remnants
4.Gristle Masturbation
5.Severed Head Facial
6.Fisting Her Wounds
7.Piercing Penetration
8.Sawmill Corpse Carving
9.Yearning the Amputated Cadaver
10.Dismembering the Sagging Sacks of Shit
11.Fingering Fleshless Stumps
12.Meatcleaver Disembowelment
13. Fetish for the Contorted - Necromantic Sculpture
14. Incise the Cadaver & Burrow for Meat
15. Bonesaw to a Baby - Eviscerate the newborn
16. Disgorging Orgy - Mastication at the Morgue
17. Malady with Murder - Unrestrained Termination
18. Perverse Engrossment Towards Squashed Genitalia
19. Chainsaw Cross-Section - Born from Butchery

Masticate The Corpse (The Aftermath of Human Carving):
1.Cannibalistic Buffet - Lacerated Human Body Banquet
2.Cauterized Caesarian Cesspool Sessions
3.Torso Severed Fuck Fest - Deprived Into Necrophilia
4.Syphilis Genital Infest - Maimed Malodorous Masturbation
5.Loathing Castration - A Cleaver To The Crutch

And Then There Were Three:
1.Forceps Gash
2.Discharing Gorekorrhea
3.Gutted in a Cesspool
4.Congenital Corpse
5.Egregious Visceral Dismemberment
6.Cadaverous Hacking
7.Vile Womb Pustule
8.Gnawing the Amputee
9.Razorblade Decapitation
10.Reaping the Remains
11.Hooker on a Butchers Hook
13.Fermenting the Skinned
14.Whore of Flatulence

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Gracias Por este gran aporte, hace mucho que buscaba los splits y valla en que forma los vengo a encontrar.
Hails /,,/