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domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2007

CUMCHRIST - Cumplete


  1. Ditchpig
  2. Jesus Sold Me A Bunk Eight
  3. Mary Had A Little Clam
  4. Crucifixion Must Hurt Like A Bitch
  5. Vaginal Bloodfarts
  6. Jesus Was A Facepainter
  7. I Had To Break Up With Your Mom
  8. In The Sea Of Heavy Metal, You Are Plankton
  9. Let's Pretend I'm The Pope
  10. Jesus Was An Angry Drunk
  11. God Owes Me Money
  12. Phlegm Phlagm
  13. Jehova Probe
  14. Yahweh Is My Mom
  15. Ripping At The Flesh Of Jesus Christ
  16. I Spell God C.U.N.T.
  17. Battery Acid Enema
  18. My Toothless Bitch

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