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sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2007

DEAD INFECTION - Brain Corrosion


1.It's Over01:12
2.Crazy Bucket00:31
3.Beware! My Name Is Thunderbolt!00:54
4.Satan's Hole02:26
5.Take Your Pants Off02:42
6.The Corpse of Uncombed Devil01:07
7.All To Nothing01:28
8.Brother's Embalming02:30
9.Our Grandfather02:01
10.Gory Inspiration01:23
11.F8 Set of Two Rolls...01:05
12.Brutal Murder In Dr Petru Groza01:43
13.Easy Come Easy Go01:16
14.You Broke My T-Shirt01:22
16.Rich Zombie01:38
17.Snakes And Ants01:51
18.Pull The Wire01:30
19.Deaf Death02:07
20.No Smoking01:05
21.Dressed In Moles01:39
22.Let's Have Some Fun01:34


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