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viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2007

Sentenced - Frozen (2007)

Re-released on an "Iceclear Vinyl" LP in 2007 via Night of the Vinyl Dead.
Limited to 500 handnumbered units.
2.Farewell03:44[view lyrics]
3.Dead Leaves05:26[view lyrics]
4.For The Love I Bear03:28[view lyrics]
5.One With Misery03:35[view lyrics]
6.The Suicider03:43[view lyrics]
7.The Rain Comes Falling Down06:17[view lyrics]
8.Grave Sweet Grave03:55[view lyrics]
9.Burn02:46[view lyrics]
10.Drown Together05:09[view lyrics]
11.Let Go (The Last Chapter)04:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time48:43

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