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martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

GROG - Macabre Requiems

Brutal Death

1.Embrace My Cold Body03:43
2.Tribal Flesh Ceremony05:27
3.Dawn Of The Living Dead04:37
4.Monstrous Anatomic Deformation02:44
5.Splashterized Autopsy02:09
6.Excreted And Vomited Abortions03:06
7.Spontaneous Gore04:25
8.Cannibal Feast02:54
9.Rotten Grave04:03
10.Sado-Masoquist Butchery02:52
11.Cannibalistic Devourement00:35
12.Blood In My Face00:54
13.Drowned In The Pleasure Of Tortured Flesh03:57


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