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martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

Ignitor - Road of Bones (2007)

1.Death on the Road00:42
2.Road of Bones04:30[view lyrics]
3.Scarlet Enigma05:08[view lyrics]
4.March to the Guillotine05:37[view lyrics]
5.Wings of the Blackheart03:59[view lyrics]
6.Hymn of Erin04:43[view lyrics]
7.Phoenix04:20[view lyrics]
8.Broken Glass04:44[view lyrics]
9.Castle in the Clouds05:11[view lyrics]
10.God of Vengeance07:00[view lyrics]
11.Reinheitsgebot06:52[view lyrics]
Total playing time52:46

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Classical Heavy/Power Metal

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