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jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

Ordinul Negru - The Black Order (2007)

1.Black flame06:38
2....and Dracu saw my call...06:29
3.Night's frost04:08
4.The warlord from the cold fog03:53
6.Thy vampiryc fullmoon02:10
7.The forest in the fog06:13
8.Forgotten blood05:01
9.The veil of the dead02:12
10.Flames of resistance04:49
11.Veangeance at cold dusk05:52
12.Cursed enemy03:12
13.The return to the ancient funeral04:00
Total playing time58:43

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Black Metal from Romania (Timisoara)

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