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viernes, 19 de octubre de 2007

Panychida - Paganized (2007)

2.Final Donation To The Oath05:44[view lyrics]
3.Dream About a Roaring Sky02:38[view lyrics]
4.... When Drums Of War Will Sound03:31[view lyrics]
5.She Was The Water03:38[view lyrics]
6.Beneath The Gate Of The Sempiternal Bliss04:48[view lyrics]
7.Running Out Of Rules02:33[view lyrics]
8.Pageant Of The Eternal Ones04:51[view lyrics]
9.Elite Unit02:56[view lyrics]
10.Deceased Under The Splendour Of Stars04:56[view lyrics]
11.Draèí Úsvit01:15[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:00

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Pagan black Metal

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