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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Pyracanda - Thorns (1992)

1.At the Abyss05:23[view lyrics]
2.The Dragons Cult05:10[view lyrics]
3.Shut Up!03:29[view lyrics]
4.Two Sides of A Coin05:03[view lyrics]
5.Soulstrip03:44[view lyrics]
6.18 Degrees03:56[view lyrics]
7.Montezumas Revenge04:08[view lyrics]
8.Bad Conscience02:23[view lyrics]
9.Senile Decay05:28[view lyrics]
10.Thorns05:03[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:54

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Thrash Metal from Germany (Koblenz)

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