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martes, 27 de noviembre de 2007

SORE - Gruesome Pillowbook Tales - 2007


1.Unfasten The Pillowbook01:20
2.Remain Dead (in a necrostatic society)01:52
3.Feast Of Antimatter Zombies03:31
4.Monochrome Nothingness02:56
5.Boneyard (Impetigo cover)02:37
6.Embryonic Limbs Combined With Ancient Ghouls03:03
7.Crags To The Infinite03:06
8.Unearthly Coffin Nail Experience03:05
9.Slaughtered Amish People02:17
10.Tales Of Signs Born By Blood, Black Fire And Death03:30
11.The Excorcist (Depression cover)01:35
12.End Credits01:03


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