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viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008

ANTROPOFAGUS - No Waste Of Flesh

Brutal Death

1.Welcome to My Slaughterhouse (Intro)00:46
2.Loving You in Decay05:15
3.Recollections of Human Habits02:49
4.Thick Putrefaction Stink04:50
5.37 F04:22
6.Necrophobic (Slayer Cover)01:36
7.Vent to Perversion03:41
8.Bloody Art of Postmortem Sex03:54
9.No Waste of Flesh03:55
11.Bloodfeast... Feastbeast06:02


Bonus Tracks:

12. Recollections of Human Habits (Neurocollapse version)
13. Thick Putrefaction Stink (Neurocollapse version)
14. Loving You In Decay (Live)
15. Bloody Art of Postmortem Sex (Demo)
16. No Waste of Flesh (Demo)
17. Bloodfeast...... Feastbeast (Demo)


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