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martes, 26 de febrero de 2008

BOWELS OUT - Enlightenment Through Dismemberment


1.A Chainsaw Autopsy02:50
2.Human Cadaver Deterioration02:11
3.Devouring The Unborn01:46
4.Clavado Cojido01:07
5.Enthroned Through Butchery02:04
6.Donkey Punched To Death02:31
7.Fuck I´m Fat01:13
8.Hacksawed Genitals01:13
9.Decimating The Decaying Orifice01:50
10.Nasty Anal Spewage01:39
11.Gourmet Vaginal Stew01:27
12.Steady Bleeding Through Precise Incisions01:59
13.Secuestered In Bile01:07
14.Take The Cock01:14


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