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martes, 1 de abril de 2008

ARTERY ERUPTION - Spewage (Demos)

Brutal Death

1.Fucked Silly05:35
2.Ferocoiusly Ingesting Dectracted Interial Lining03:58
3.Drinking the Menses of A Dead Slut04:15
4.Genital Dwarf03:42
5.Shotgun Blast In the Ass03:52
6.Orifical Evisceration03:57
7.Hallowing Out the Vaginal Cavity04:02
8.Ejected Stomach02:46
9.Gushing Guts from Mouth to Cunt05:01
10.Cumming In the Headless Neck07:36
11.Liquified by the Human Decomposition Process04:29


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