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viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

FUCK...I'M DEAD - Bring On The Dead


1.Twist of Death01:13
2.A Fraction off Death01:38
3.Army of Hermaphrodites01:06
4.Burnt to an Absolute Crisp00:59
5.My Feral Fucktoy01:06
6.Colon Commando01:09
7.Delicious Dolop00:54
8.Fucking the Foetus01:04
9.Skull Fucked01:29
10.Shopfront Whore00:29
11.Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook01:01
12.Pickled Member01:08
13.Shotgun Facelift00:50
14.Barefoot and Shit Faced00:45
16.Inject Me with AIDS00:54
17.Slowly Raped with a Chainsaw00:43
18.Toilet Tantalizers01:07
19.Spray Me with Fecal Matter01:08
20.Licky Webster01:32
21.Fuck... I'm Dead01:11
22.A Fraction off Death (Live)01:41
23.Licky Webster (Live)01:42


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