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miércoles, 16 de abril de 2008

GEMISUADI - Live Like An Animal, Fuck Like An Animal


1.Mary Magdaline and the Three Apostles01:11
2.Pooped Pantes and Crapped Cunts01:00
3.Pus and Dick Party01:11
5.Take me to the Moon01:45
6.We Are00:48
7.Sucking Dick in Bethlehem01:27
8.Pussies, Dicks, and Clits01:23
9.You Care01:10
10.P town Concrete01:17
11.March 26,199601:35
12.Eat my dong00:36
13.2 guys sucking 1 cock00:36
14.Red wine and Clitties01:17
15.Chico Suave01:06
16.Hockey Sticks and Jocks01:43
17.Fuck it01:08
18.C.C. Deville and the Damsell in Distress00:35
20.Boubonic Chronic00:41
21.Cream and Sugar02:03
22.Crack is Whack01:37
23.Enjoy that Latte01:15
24.Dude come hit this00:34


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