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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

DEATHGUY - Concentrate The Annihilation

Brutal Death

1.Hell Dominion (Reign Beyond Suffering)02:59
2.Degust The Blood (Sadistic Cannibal Meal)02:38
3.Anathematic Damnation (The Fertilization of Damn)03:02
4.Beheader (Human Head Collection)04:12
5.Necronivora (Silent Murderous Supremacy)02:12
6.Awake From Within (Cardiac Excavation)03:55
7.Tyrant (Decaying of All Civilization)03:15
8.The Beast (Characteristic of Devourer)03:21
9.Cannibal Lust (Impetigo Cover)01:13


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