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miércoles, 25 de junio de 2008


France - Netherlands - Germany

Disgorged Foetus
01. Brain Oozing
02. Degustation Of A Cranial Suppuration
03. Pus & Maggots Salad
04. Rancid Meat Sodomizer
05. Stench Of Corpse
06. Anorectal Regurgitation

Carnival Of Carnage
07. Ax-Wielding Maniac
08. Crashing Through The Carnage
09. 60 Seconds Of Sheer Terror
10. Sprawled On The Floor
11. Amputated Breasts, Violated Pussy
12. Macabre Ornament
13. Her Flesh Was Slashed
14. Filthy & Sparsely Furnished
15. Disorderly Conduct 'Intro'
16. Scattered Contents
17. Rip The Victim's Torso
18. Knockini Holes
19. The Knife Blade Broken & Odged In The Brest
20. Gorebuster
21. Unlicensed Butcher Operations
22. Mortally Wounded 'Intro'

23. Intro
24. Hurricane Bloodshower
25. Shitti'N' Pigguts
26. Maggots Guts'N' Gore
27. Holy Tears For Shit
28. Temple Of Gore
29. Mutilated Deformed Chil


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