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jueves, 17 de julio de 2008


Czech Rpb

1. Hole in my Pole
2. Pendolinos Kiss
3. Hi, Shall I Fuck You?
4. Crabs Dont Fret, my Balls Got Sweat
5. When I am All up in Your Cunt I Always Blow the Stunt
6. WC Fucker Spits at Harradans Hair in Krupa
7. Tearing up her Cavity With my Radity
8. All Her Speices Are From Her Feces
9. Dot, Comma, Exlamation Mark, Pussy it is Hooligan
10. Cutterclit
11. Showered With Affection pt.2
12. Sick Banzig
13. Rape by Overripe Gherkm
14. Uterus Cheesecake
15. Vaseline in Anus, Pull in there Truck
16. Womb-Cap
17. One Inch Dick
18. When Your Pussy is Too Dry, to Lay, Just Use Some Solvina
19. Ingrowing of The Alien Things in The Body
20. Pysky, Labia Majora


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