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lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

FORNICATOR - Fornicator


1.I`m A Goddamn Rapist01:27
2.Destroy These Cunts00:58
3.You Are Garbage To Me01:49
4.Sexy Pose00:48
5.Secret Fantasy01:36
6.Just Let Me Rot [Pungent Stench cover]00:59
7.Tortured Whore01:17
8.Covered Wagon01:49
9.The Lodge01:57
10.What The Fuck Was He Thinking?05:17
11.Poop Deck Pappy02:11
12.Anti-Social Masturbator [GG Allin cover]01:37
13.Beaten Black And Blue01:43
14.Orgasms of Blood01:29
15.I Got Your Fuckin Kid Bitch00:57
16.Faggot Massacre / My Confession02:27
17.I`m Checking You Out01:20
18.Get On Your Knees And Fuck My Dog01:25
19.Plastic Fucking Cunt02:16
20.Dumped On The Side of The Road00:57
21.Shut The Fuck Up02:55
22.8 Seconds of Fury00:18
23.My Fantasy Is To Fuck You01:16
24.This Hammer And Screwdriver00:47
25.My Last Victim01:24
26.Bodies You`ll Never Find02:52
27.Their Time Will Come00:25
28.Peek At You02:22


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