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jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

MAGGOTS - Dead And Loving It


1.Daddy Ghoul01:54
2.Mangled Maggots Milkshake01:02
3.Promoters of Very Evil Evil01:33
4.The Graveyard Grind01:28
5.Bloodsucking Geeks01:26
6.We Put The "G" In Gore01:24
7.Dead And Loving It01:46
8.The Toxic Breath of Dr. Death01:52
9.I Like It When You Die02:07
10.Cannibal Crackers01:51
11.Pain In The Ass Process01:54
12.Barbarian Fruitcake02:00
13.Mean Green Gore Machine01:34
14.Gotta Admit, Smells Like Shit02:29
15.Die You Slime02:48
16.Weak Humans Fall01:51
17.Guts For Sale01:33
18.The Horned Ones (Gives Great Milk)01:56
19.Ghoul Nation02:04
20.To Serve And Infect01:56
21.Maltreat Your Enemy02:19
22.Six Sick Tricks02:16
23.Killsquad Inferno02:43
24.Ghoul Nation02:11
25.Trendy 'Til Death03:16
26.Gangbang Zombies02:11
27.The Pusspatrol03:07
28.Swallow My Cum00:52
29.Yes Sir We Can Boogie02:25
30.Don't Hesitate, Masturbate01:59
31.Afro Anus02:06


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Anónimo dijo...

I did the artwork for this one!
If interested, search for Kaos Grafix on Facebook, MySpace or google or even search for nicowkaos on DeviantART ;-)