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lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER - Pulverizing Lethal Force


1.Pulverizing Lethal Force01:43
2.Have the Will To Stand Alone01:33
3.Siege of the Headbanger01:46
4.Veteran of Looserhood01:05
5.Instant Disintegration01:02
6.Human Shield00:35
7.Pinnacle of Weakness01:24
8.Black Robe01:38
9.Strangled In Icy Dreams01:19
10.Fighting the Urge00:16
11.A Grim Afterthought01:27
12.Ripping Tighter01:31
13.The Highest Honor00:42
14.Imprison Yourself01:17
15.Shrapnel Decimation00:52
16.Webs of Entanglement00:35
17.No Escape01:06


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