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domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Ancient Ceremony - Under Moonlight We Kiss (1997)

1.Eternal Goddess02:12[view lyrics]
2.Her Ebony Slumber04:15[view lyrics]
3.Shadows of the Undead06:41[view lyrics]
4.Vampyre's Birth00:33
5.Thy Beauty in Candlelight04:58[view lyrics]
6.Veil of Desire01:49[view lyrics]
7.Secrets Under Blackened Sky04:27[view lyrics]
8.Dulcet Seduction04:21[view lyrics]
9.Angel's Bloody Tears06:31[view lyrics]
10.New Eden Embraces03:28
11.Pale Nocturnal Majesty03:00[view lyrics]
12.Under Moonlight We Kiss03:01
Total playing time45:16
Old school Melodic Black Metal from Germany

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