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martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008

HYBRID VISCERY - The History Of Torture, Execution And Sickness

Brutal Death/Grind

1.Fist Fucking Rules00:55
2.It´s Time For A Beer01:04
3.Contamination Of Grindcore00:59
4.Grind Your Head01:13
5.Green Vomit00:48
6.Cannibal Theories01:30
8.Scrotum Infected01:28
9.The Liquid Of My Shit Is On My Ears01:01
10.Listen Of My Intestinal Bubbles01:16
11.Double Infectons01:34
12.Testicle Implosion01:23
13.Jeremy's Nausea01:16
14.I Cum In Your Baby's Mouth01:06
16.Fuck The Cripple Cops01:32
18.Army Of Pussy Land01:06
19.Toxic Pustle02:00
20.No Mercy For00:36
21.Umbilical Cord01:30
22.Anal Deflagration In Your Ugly Face01:52
23.I Cum In Your Babys Mouth01:08
25.My Cock Is A Nest Verruca01:10
26.No Future For Your Clitoris01:34
27.Feast Of Gangrene Of Skin01:31
28.Carnal (Vader Cover)02:10
29.Visceral Altar01:26
30.World Is Desolation02:08
31.Kill My Sons01:31
32.Take My Bodies01:39
33.Give Me Your Punishment01:06
34.No Riligion, No Guardian01:31
35.Suck My Frickandel02:21


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