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viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

ROTTEN PENETRATION - Horrorous State Of Anatomical Decomposition

Brutal Death

1.Sex Mutilation (you are devoured by a penis)03:15
2.Necrosed Genital Deformation02:21
3.Double Anal Penetration in the Cadaver Rotting03:38
4.Embalming the Butchered Corpses in the Hospitalar Morgue02:23
5.Horrorous State of Anatomical Decomposition03:07
6.Gastrointestinal Infiltration / Mucogastric Erosion02:10
7.Sore Grotesque in the Intestine Putrefaction, Incubation of the Grub and Degeneration of the Necro-intestinal Cells03:36
9.Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse Cover)03:41
10.Ruptured in Purulence (Carcass Cover)04:10


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