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lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Vaginal Scrotum - Love Me, Fuck Me (2008)

Genre: Cyber Goregrind
Album: Love Me, Fuck Me
Country: Russia

01. Intro (Pussy-Boy)
02. The Fat Spermsucker
03. Love Me - Fuck Me
04. Dryness Of The Old Woman (D.E.V.I.L. mix)
05. Big Afro Cock
06. Small Baby Zul-Zul
07. Center Bay Hardsex (VxSx mix)
08. Most Insane Penetration
09. The Sexual Down
10. Gay Bridle
11. Bloody-Minded Castration
12. Fisted On LSD [Libido Airbag cover]
13. Некрофилический Опус [Sordid Clot cover]

*Album @320kbps, good Cyber Gore from Russia!

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