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martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

WHOREMASTERY - The Cunt Chronicles


01. Vagina
02. Your Mother's In Rehab
03. Why I Hate You
04. Fucking You To Porn
05. Love Is Just A Punch Away
06. A Cunts Life
07. I Only Cared About The Sex
08. You Have Man Shoulders
09. Prozac Girl
10. Raised By Dykes (Live)
11. Thinking Of You
12. Ring Around The Asshole
13. No One's Shittier Than You
14. Face It, You're A Lesbian
15. Your Movie Script Sucks
16. Everyone Hates You
17. Thanks For The Yeast Infection
18. Little Drummer Girl
19. Your Roomate's Pussy Smells
20. Welcome To Winslow Ave
21. Star Struck
22. Once Loved......Forever Hated


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