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martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008

PURULENT JACUZZI - Stench Of The Drowned Carrion (2008)

Brutal Death


2.Prophylactic Mastectomy

3.Your Mangled Body

4.Vaporous of the Putrid Insides

5.Divesting Rotten Flesh

6.Implore for the Torture

7.Postoperative Bleeding

8.Colonic Dysplasia

9.Enteric Fluids Are Dissolved in the Tap Water

10.A Torso to Disembowel

11.Payment for Depravity

12.Suturing the Self-Masticated Tongue

13.Rapture of the Venous Vessels

14.Fetid Bathing Process

15.Extirpated Embryo

16.Pile Inside the Abdomen

17.Verminous Gastrointestinal Tract

18.The Postmortal Twitches

19.Decomposing Gastric Follicles

20.Maturating Cystic Sores

21.Extracting the Innards

22.Consequences of the Raping

23.Pleasure Found in the Butchery

24.Abhorrent Excoriation

25.Devouring Cephalic Feasts


27.Humaneness Drowned in Feces

28.Uterine Fibroids



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