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domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008

PUTRESCENCE - Sledgehammer Holocaust (2008)


1.Machete through head like knife through butter02:37
2.Sledgehammer holocaust (shit and bone infused)02:38
3.Malefic and uncontrolled demolition of the living00:59
4.Eye sockets venting black, rotten blood02:27
5.Gutted, coated with malignancy and re-emboweled04:15
6.Forced to ingest caulking up nose and down trachea02:39
7.The super flying off a roof happy show00:46
8.Moonlight illuminates limbs forced into impossible directions01:43
9.Ukulele players drugged out machete attack at the flea market00:59
10.I am your flesh02:10
11.The slabby and crimpy ascension up the snivelling shit00:47
12.Halved and preserved for further ritualistic abuse02:20
13.Hillbilly savants: quiet dignity and delicate relationships02:04
14.q: mutilated with chainsaw? a: split with maul and cannibalized03:30


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