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martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008

CEPHALOTRIPSY - Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies (Reissue 2008)

Brutal Death

01 Excavation of Encystation
02 Intracranial Butchery
03 Consummating Omophagia
04 Aesthetic Upholstery of Molested Dead Flesh
05 Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies
06 Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration
07 Metamorphic Congenital Malformation
08 Embryonic Gastronomy
09 Incisions of Unequivocal Suffering
10 Aesthetic Upholstery of Molested Dead Flesh (Demo)
11 Embryonic Gastronomy (Demo)
12 Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration (Demo)
13 Inoculated Prosthesis (Promo Track)
14 Postpartum Consumption (Promo Track)


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