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miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

DEAD FLESH - Returning From Decay (2009)

Brutal Death

1.Treehouse of Horror01:45
2.Genetically Altered03:04
3.Sadistic Desecration00:46
4.Coalesing the Beast01:20
5.Drugged Beaten Stabbed and Bled to Death01:54
6.Vaginal Sludge00:50
7.Dismenbered for Purification01:28
8.Returning from Decay03:24
9.Spontaneous Decomposition00:19
10.Morbid Disinterment01:33
11.Engorging Necropsies02:01
12.Dead Flesh Sucks00:12
13.Rise Above02:26
14.Spawn of Malediction03:10
15.Anatomy of Self-Carnage03:39
16.Wonder Showzen - the Simpsons - Happy Happy Joy Joy01:03
17.Meow Mix01:13


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