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lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

RECTAL SMEGMA - Keep On Smiling (2009)


1.Testide Tango00:52
2.Menstruation Cocktail01:22
3.Dildo Lobotomy01:01
4.Scrotum Paturein01:43
5.Fat Grannies Are Cool02:37
6.Fridget Dwarf Fucker01:29
7.Cover Amoebic Dysentery01:45
8.Frog Felching02:25
9.Exploring UrAnus01:02
10.Drowned In Excrements02:12
11.Hitler Only Had One Ball01:23
12.Omnivorous Vagina00:53
13.Happy Cock01:56
14.Psycho Pudding00:50
15.Bloody Ballsack (ft. 13 Of Jesus Crest)00:53


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