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sábado, 28 de febrero de 2009

SEBORRHEA - Different Segments Of Human Life (2008)

Brutal Death/Grind

2.Anal Marquis01:46
3.Happy Delivery01:31
4.Admirable, Marvelous Shit00:57
5.Youthful and Possessed01:49
6.Get Acquainted – the Opposite Sex01:21
7.Dimension of Binary01:51
8.Green Process01:31
9.God of Pismire01:48
10.Old Age Wisdom & Unconscionable Behaviour03:01
11.– ∞ +02:34
12.…Uploading External Error01:52
13.Dimension of Binary [digital edition 1010011010]04:51
14.Hyperactive Brain Damage03:22


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