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miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

DISGORGED & WITHERED EARTH - The Unspeakable Revived / Abolish In Thorns (Split)

Brutal Death - Death


1.Master of The Larvae03:01
2.Cultivation of Ferocious Decay04:08
3.Infesting The Nest of Incubation05:19
4.The Wretch Erupts Insectus04:52
5.Procreation Under Dooming Skies05:41
6.With The Sickness Comes The Bloodthirst03:29
7.Emerge Into Gruesome Form03:54
8.Pulverized Mortification03:25
9.Horrid Excrutiation03:06
10.Digestion of The Metamorphical Feast04:55
11.Breed For Me... The Putrid Afterbirth04:11
12.Infesting The Nest of Incubation (Live)05:37
Withered Earth
13.A Cold Labyrinth Beyond The Dark Towers06:04
14.Iconoclasm Disintegrates The Flower of Mortality03:16
15.Supernatural Terror Unearthed By Storms03:58
16.Gazing Into A Placid Stream03:36
17.As Chaos Spreads Like The Plague05:55


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