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miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009

DEMENTED RETARDED - Sisters Menstruation (2009)


Czech Rpb

1. Sundays While Of Pathology
2. Mass Halucination On Plenary Meeting Of 34th KSCM Congress
3. Sisters Menstruation
4. Return Of Ave-Bell Witch
5. Chaos On The Autopsy Desk
6. Cocot Jumbo
7. Evelio Rake Removal
8. Second Hand Shit
9. P.O.D. - Penis Of Death
10. Cutlery Sterilisation
11. S-Cchuan Duck With Bamboo Browsers
12. Chaotic Cornfuck
13. Midday Witch Embracing
14. Strassenflirt
15. Sadistic Faggots Romance
16. Deep Throath Of Bambini Di Praga
17. Pecked Up Cock-Sparrows

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