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sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

Slechtvalk - Upon the Fields of Battle (DVD 2005) FULL DVD


Genre:Melodic Black Metal
Lyrical theme:Christianity, Fantasy, Battles, War
Origin: Netherlands (The Hague, South Holland)
Year: 2005

Type: Music DVD (Full BR)
Size: 3,01 GB

DVD contains:

-Live Show
-Behind the Scenes
-Videoclip "Thunder of War"
-Photo Gallery
1. Intro
2. Thunder of War
3. Of Slumber and Death
4. War of the Ancients
5. Under a Moonlit Sky
6. Call to Arms
7. Whispers in the Dark
8. Desertion
9. Besieged
10. In Paradisum
11. Cries of the Haunted
Total playing time 01:15:0

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