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lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Desaster (Ger) - Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies (DVD 2004)

Audio: stereo@192kbps
Video: DVD@5991kbps
Resolucion: 720x480
Tamaño: 2950MB
Duracion: 02:00:00

Recorded in Sío Paulo, 25/10/2003, at Led Slay. Two songs werent included,
"Medi-Evil Rites", because of problems with the equipment, and the cover "Troops
of Doom".

Also available in Double LP, Double Pic-LP and DVD.

1. Skyline in Flames (Intro)
2. In a Winter Battle
3. The Swords will Never Sink
4. Symphony of Vengeance
5. Profanation
6. Devil's Sword
7. Tyrants of the Netherworld
8. Nighthawk
9. Ghouls to Strike
10. Fields of Triumph
11. Teutonic Steel
12. Hellfire's Dominion
13. Necrolord
14. Necropolis Karthago
15. Metalized Blood
16. Witchcraft

+ Bonus:
Brasilian Impressions
Rare footage 1992-2003

3 partes 953.7 Mb y la ultima de 95.3 Mb

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