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domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Sacriversum - Saevitia Draconis DVD5 (2003)

Artist: Sacriversum
Genre: Gothic Metal
Origin: Poland

Video: NTSC 720x480
Audio: DD 5.1 ,DD 2.0

1.S.E.T.I. / South Galaxy
2.Sigma Draconis
3.Born To Be The Best
5.Painful Fame
7.Solitary, The Starship
8.Northern Blood
9.Overwhelming Monuments
10.Not Me

Live in Krakow (2003)

Bonus video from Dark Stars 2003

1. Born to be the Best
2. Re-venger
3. Lullaby
4. Count Coloredo
5. Not Me
6. Overwhelming Monuments

DVD extras include: bonus video material from Dark Stars Festival 2003, video
clip to "Born To Be The Best", over 70-minute documentary about the band,
biography, individual members' profiles, discography, photo gallery, and more.

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