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domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Destruktor - Nailed (2009)

Artista: Destruktor
Album: Nailed
Genero: Black/Death Metal
Año: 2009
Pais: Australia
Formato: mp3@VBR 206Kbps
Tamaño: 61 MB

1. Embrace the Fire 6:21
2. The Epitome 3:44
3. Inspiration Suicide 4:19
4. Violence Unseen 3:46
5. Nailed 3:52
6. Forwards We March 3:43
7. Meccademon 5:02
8. Endless Reign of Terror 4:24
9. After Death Murmurs 4:45
10. Spawning the Immortal 5:24
:45:20 Minutos

Informacion Adicional:
Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree accompanied by blasphemous Riddick illustrations. Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal of death that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!!!


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