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jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

Buried Dreams / Shamash / Dies Irae (Mex) / Disgorge - Oz Live 2000 VHSRip

Artist: Buried Dreams / Shamash / Dies Irae (Mex) / Disgorge (Mex)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal, Melodic Melodic Dark Death Metal,
Year: 2000
Video: AVI@XviD 1247Kbps
Audio: MP3@320Kbps
Duration: 1h 25min.
Size: 970 MB


Buried Dreams
1. Limits of Fantasy
2. The mind's subconcicous
3. Black dragon

4. Eternal as time
5. Among fire & blood
6. Where the hate becomes

Dies Irae (Mex)
7. The last breath
8. Ice in down/is just not the flames
9. Til your eyes turn black

Disgorge (Mex)
10. Stigmatodermuropyanphrocism on impetigicose urogenism
11. The vile sores in urticariothrocisism goulashed decrepitance
12. Reacid bowl sarcoma
13. Pedpphilamosphia on excreachollemical endolapse



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