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miércoles, 13 de junio de 2007

FOETOPSY - Dyspartum

01. Outgrowth of Vomited Worms
02. Feeding On Dilapidated Stumps
03. Drown In Tepid Urea
04. Lubed With Excretion
05. A Throat Begging To Be Slit
06. Virulent Gestation
07. Reduced To Mince Scraps
08. Haemorrhagic Shock
09. Ingest The Cervical Hematoma
10. Fluid Of The Dead
11. Spilling Of Blood And Urine Into The Body Cavity
12. Tumorous Impregnation
13. Grotesque Coprothorax
14. Eruption Of Cystic Phallus
15. Gagging On The Corpulus
16. Horrid Bowels Extraction
17. Gibbering Deformity
18. Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
19. Days Of Intestinal Distress
20. Are You Eating Yourself, Stomach (Well, Would You)
Pass: metalazo

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