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martes, 12 de junio de 2007

FOETOPSY - In The Bathroom

01.Vaccum Extraction Action
02.Deformed Foetal Scrotal
03.Scab In A Puddin' Cup
04.People With Vaginas
05.Awake To Intake
06.Greasy Feces
07.Withered Labes, Crippled Legs
08.Fingering Faces And Faeces
09.In The Bathroom
10.Offended By Butts, Not Turds
11.Lick The Parts
12.Everything's A Song Title
13.Ear To Go
14.Corpse Divorce
15.Choking On Vaginal Pubes
16.Weird Pills
17.Shake n' Make
18.Why Are These My Thoughts...Why Am I Weird?
19.She's Roast Beef
20.What Is This Mucus?
21.Uteral Waste Disposal

Pass: metalazo

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