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domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

DETERIORATION - The Killings Will Continue, As My Victims Decompose

Brutal Death/Grind

1.The Killings Will Continue, As My Victims Decompose02:05
2.Emergence of Man05:04
3.Kidnapped, Tortured, Snuffed01:57
4.Taking Her Breath Away...With a Plastic Bag02:02
5.Shotgun Bukkake02:05
6.As Maggots Eat the Earth02:05
8.Sprayed With Fetal Debris02:52
9."I Wonder What Her Head Would Look Like on a Stick?"01:58
10.From Lyell Avenue to the Genesee River03:28
11.Void of All Human Resemblance01:58
12.Population Decimation02:25


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