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domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

DETERIORATION - Vultures Of Mortal Agony

Brutal Death/Grind

1.2012: The Overdue Extinction Of Man

2.Gutted To Supply Entrails For The Feast

3.Fetus Grinder

4.Maggot Infested Rectal Cavity

5.Mercy Kill The Human Race

6.Victims Stabbed And Strangled

7.Blind To The Suffering

8.Taipei Deathmatch

9.Richard Speck

10.Incest Infest

11.Crucify The Children Of The Light

12.Infant Pitchfork Impalement

13.Tapeworms From Uranus

14.Incinerate The Path Of The Righteous

15.Fist In The Stink

16.I Only Wanted To Kill Them

17.Slitting The Throats Of Pedophile Priests

18.Inspiring Religious Violence

19.Vultures Of Mortal Agony

20.The Slut's Severed Head Sits Dormant In The Basement, Among The Puddles Of Blood And Piles of Gore, After Her Body Was Mutilated, Mulled, And Masticated


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